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Originally born in Indianapolis, David now resides in the Sacramento area where he has lived for the past twelve years. In 2004, David received an opportunity working at a small private school as a T.A./music instructor, teaching kids with various learning disabilities. After the school was forced to close in 2009, David found himself staying within the field and working for a non-profit organization supporting adults with developmental disabilities as an Employment Training Specialist for a little over two years. Now a college graduate of Union Institute and University, David works full-time as a Program Supervisor for another non-profit that provides adults with developmental disabilities vocational training and behavioral support.

David’s first love will always be music. However, over the years he has developed other interests including writing, motorcycles, and theater to name a few. His current passion, photography, has extended itself to the point of wanting to travel the world in hopes of combining two things he is enjoys in life, writing and taking photographs.

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